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About the Artist

Great projects take on magical powers…this is our poetry, for we have pulled the stars to our will.    Ezra Pound

Melanie Palma – Artist

I come from a family of artists where creativity and freedom of expression were a lifestyle.  I pursued Sports Medicine in college but ended up returning to what I was born with.  I studied at the award winning Buon Fresco School of Decorative Art under the founder, Victoria Bingham. There I learned a very old world technique of venetian plaster application and advanced marbling in plaster.  I founded Melanie Palma Designs in 2003 and have been creating artistic interiors for over 8 years.  I find inspiration in everything around me; music, movement, people, nature, etc.  My passion is turning that inspiration into walls that transcend the mundane.

It is my goal when working with clients to discover their unique expression and to guide that into their surroundings. Because individuality is revered, discovery our path, the end result can only be a unique reflection of you.